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About Us

About LS Door Repair Singapore

Why should you select LS Door Repair?

When we started this work, we started with the fact that we would make people’s lives easier. People are tired of local artisans. These workers are seasonal and change their work according to each season. And those who work with them will return. It is our goal to get rid of these seasonal artisans. And most of all, we consider the customer’s work as a service. We are professional and do our job very well. We have given door installation and door repair training to our workers. And we know very well how much our customer is respected for us, our customer’s comfort is our first priority.

Our Services

  1. Sliding door repair
  2. Glass door repair
  3. Wooden door repair
  4. Folding door repair
  5. Toilet door repair
  6. Wardrobe door repair
  7. Cabinet door repair
  8. Pocket door repair

Call Us

Hotline : 6797 9684