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Cabinet Door Repair

Cabinet Door Repair

cabinet door repair

Cabinet doors are those that are used in the kitchen to cover an empty storage place. Kitchen cabinets are installed in many kitchens in order to store cooking equipments, food and most often precious and sensitive crockery or silverware. A lot of people prefer even the refrigerators, ovens and such appliances to be covered and placed in cabinets. This arrangement makes your kitchen or your space look a lot of clean and organised. It also saves you from unnecessary hassle. Now while we talk about Cabinet doors, it’s not about the fashion or the style that we focus on, it’s more importantly the types of cabinet doors. There are 3 types of cabinet doors. They are:

  • Full-overlay cabinets
  • Partial overlay cabinets
  • Inset cabinets

In Full overlay cabinets, the doors of the cabinet cover almost the entire face of the cabinets revealing very little frame between the cabinet units. This creates a very simple view of a kitchen and almost removes all gaps. In artial overlay cabinets, as the name suggests, the cabinet doors have a partial gap between them which gives it a very nice look while maintaining appropriate gap. Smartly, it also cuts the overall manufacturing cost. In Inset cabinets, the door of the cabinets and the drawers are fixed inside the cabinet face which makes it look very modern and classy. What do we offer? Now that we’ve made you understand in detail about kitchen cabinets and cabinets in general, it is very obvious that once fixed, they will need repair or replacement at least at one point in their life. We give you just that! We offer solutions to all your repair and replacement related issues. Imagine yourself working in the kitchen and trying to reach for one of the things in the cabinet. Suddenly, you hear a squeaking sound and guess what happened? The door breaks! You are obviously going to be irritated and would want to fix that as quickly as you possibly can. Sometimes, you would try doing it at home but doing it at home won’t be a permanent fixture. So just sit back and let us take over! We’d be happy to assist you in more ways than one. You will have to just call us and inform us about what problems you’re facing and we’ll send our people to completely take care of the broken doors or cabinets. Our management team right from our CEO to our technical personnel have been trained well to adhere to your needs. LS Door Repair Singapore  has been been fixing doors for years now and we’re absolutely thorough with what our customer wants. Years of experience combined with the right skill and innovative intellect is what makes our company stand out from the rest. We understand the value of time and are therefore very punctual in our service. We understand that the sooner your doors are fixed, the easier it becomes for you to carry on with your routine without having to worry about something as small as a broken door! In summary, we repair cabinet door, cabinet hinge, vinyl wrap cabinet doors, laminate door, fix broken cabinet hinge and also the fix the cupboard screw hole and all the repairing for cabinet door at cheap price with best quality

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