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Sliding Door Repair

Sliding Door Repair

sliding door repair

There are many functional advantages of sliding doors that make them better than swinging doors. Although once a sliding door becomes faulty, it becomes a nuisance. That’s why most people opt for sliding door replacement because they fear that a sliding door repair wouldn’t solve their problem. The LS Door Repair Singapore is here to put a stop to unnecessary expenses. We are one of the best door specialist in Singapore. Our services on sliding door repair and sliding door installation are indeed one you can trust. Patronizing our services would keep your mind at rest because we will be offering you a warranty for every work done.


Sliding Door Installation

Sliding door helps you create between your indoor and outdoor space, a pretty nice flow. Sliding doors are available in different styles and material types. For this reason, you have a chance to pick a sliding door that fits the style of your home. Some of the material types used for making sliding doors that are available on the market are glass, wood, vinyl, and metal. The services we offer for sliding door Installation are sliding door installation, screen door installation, and many more.

We are capable of handling any installation service linked with your sliding door. Even if you already had a sliding door installation or sliding door replacement done and you’re just looking for an expert technician to correct any mistake made by your former technician, we are up for it. We are capable of installing any door trim, screens, or blinds for you without causing you any extra work.


Sliding Door Repair

One thing a lot of people fail to understand is that it is not every time that one must go for a sliding door replacement. Sometimes, the only thing you need is a little maintenance or a sliding door repair. At the LS Door Repair Singapore, we can help you clean up your dirty door tracks, fix the broken rollers as well as the busted locks. We are known as one of the best door specialist in Singapore because we not only provide top-to-bottom services for your sliding. We also ensure that each component of your sliding door is inspected to ensure it functions properly. If you’re having issues with sliding your sliding door, we can also help you lubricate the tracks of the door.

There are some cases where your sliding door will be termed as beyond repair. In such cases, we will help you get a sliding door replacement that is a perfect fit for the previous sliding door. If you wish to get something different to help change the look or the style of your home or office, we can also help you with that.


Sliding Door Installation and Repair by LS Door Repair Singapore

Our sliding door services range from sliding door installation, sliding door replacement, and sliding door repair. So, if you want to install a sliding door or you want to change the one you already have installed, or your sliding door is having issues, LS Door Repair Singapore can help you. In summary we repair & replacing sliding door rollers, door track, door frame, door latch, door trackset, door lock and door wheel for all kind of sliding doors such as sliding glass doors, sliding wardrobe doors, kitchen sliding door, aluminium sliding doors, wooden sliding door, sliding bathroom door, sliding bedroom doors, pocket sliding doors, folding sliding doors and etc

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