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LS Door Repair Singapore

The door is the first place to enter any house, which we can neither enter the house nor contact anything in the house. As the proverb, “Man is known by his company” nowadays, the doors of such a house describe the situation of the house owner. The better, properly installed, fix and clean doors reflect that our residents are manner lines people.

The doors are in decorations of houses just like diamonds in a ring. Like a diamond makes a modest gold ring worth millions in millions. Just as excellent and fully install and fix doors enhance the splendor of any house. We the LS Door Repair are honored in the doors industry and we are known in Singapore’s famous companies.

Our most important qualities are the doors repair, door installation, and door replacement, which are done by the hands of our best craftsmen. Our working patterns are excellent, modern, and sustainable. And our work will increase its splendor of your house like a Kohinoor diamond in the crown. Our door repair, replace and installation work not only feeds the eyes but also has less weight for the pocket. We invite you to confirm what we are describing by seeing our work.

Our Services

Cost of  Door Repairing

Has your home been overlooked or under-cared for?

Update the look and feel of your whole home under budget!

Our Services

Door repair:

Just like a broken glass make the water set is incomplete and incomplete, just like a broken door makes the whole house dry and ugly. Our company provides you with the right price to repair the door through the best craftsmen. Our craftsmen are excellent and trained. And know how to make your broken and repaired doors just as new. We deal with all type of door repair:

  1. Sliding door repair
  2. Glass door repair
  3. Wooden door repair
  4. Folding door repair
  5. Toilet door repair
  6. Wardrobe door repair
  7. Cabinet door repair
  8. Pocket door repair
  9. Door Frame Repair


Lock, Hinge, Latch & Roller Replacement

Our door repair handyman are available to serve you 365 days. Give us a chance, we will meet your expectations and our work will make you our ambassador. Below are the replacement services provided by LS Door Repair Singapore

  1. Door Hinge Replacement
  2. Door & Gate Lock Replacement
  3. Door Latch Replacement
  4. Door Roller Replacement
door repair

Door Repair 

Door Frame Repair

Door Frame Repair

door lock replacement

Lock Replacement

Door Repair Service In Singapore

Do you need a door repair service in Singapore? This door repair company has been servicing the door needs of Singaporeans for many years, and they are known to provide high-quality work.

You might have come across door repair Singapore before, but what is it? We are the best door repair service in Singapore and we offer a wide range of services door repair, door frame repair, door locks replacement, and other issues with your door. If you need door repair services or related repairs, then feel free to contact us


Glass Door Hinge Repair

In glass door hinge replacement and repair, it is important to replace glass door hinges only with glass door hinges that are of the same type. If you are replacing a glass door hinge on a glass sliding patio door, then it is recommended that you use another glass sliding patio door hinge for the replacement. Summer glassdoor window frame repairs are an important part of daily maintenance in order to maintain your home’s security from break-ins while vacationing or away at work for example. Bent windows frames need to be addressed during summer months when increased humidity levels help prevent corrosion from occurring more quickly than usual due to direct sunlight exposure being limited by high temperatures becoming increasingly rarer as we head into autumn and winter months.

A common problem experienced during glass door hinge replacement is when the glass does not slide onto a new glass sliding patio door frame. This can happen if there is dirt or debris between the glass and the inside of your sliding glass doors, which prevents them from closing properly.

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